Videochat random unmonitored

Topics of conversation can range from current events, music, and sports to other more personal aspects such as sexual topics and personal information.

A user has the opportunity to ‘walk away’ from the chat at any moment with a simple click of the mouse.

Nudity is discouraged during video chat segments on Omegle.

Unfortunately, there is no way to enforce this behavior.

Omegle does promise to try and monitor video chats 24/7 with ‘living, breathing humans,’ but monitoring is limited.There is a warning at the bottom of the website that Omegle video chats may be monitored.Unfortunately, while there is a promise that 24/7 monitoring will occur, there is the possibility of more video chats occurring than monitors.Video chat provides users with the opportunity to engage in video and text chat with strangers picked randomly. Stealth topic based Omegle chats are where a random question is given to two strangers and they are encouraged to talk about the topic.Questions are based on suggestions from fellow users and can be silly and weird, such as ‘why do ladybugs have spots,’ to more personal questions like ‘when did you lose your virginity.’ Omegle recently released an app that provides both video and text Omegle chats to individuals who have access to a smartphone or a tablet.

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