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Requirements validation studies the 'final draft' of the requirements document while requirements analysis studies the 'raw requirements' from the system stakeholders (users).Requirements validation and requirements analysis can be summarized as follows: Various inputs such as requirements document, organizational knowledge, and organizational standards are shown.In addition, the review team checks whether the work products produced during the requirements phase conform to the standards specified for the process, project, and the product.At the review meeting, each participant goes over the requirements before the meeting starts and marks the items which are dubious or need clarification.Elicit requirements before scheduling product/system demos. Software vendors are trained to show lots of bells and whistles that can distract users from the important/required functionality.Using pictures and diagrams is a great way to elicit and document user requirements during your interviews and workshops.For this, it is necessary to ensure that the requirements specification contains no errors and that it specifies the user's requirements correctly.

Checklists ensure that no source of errors, whether major or minor, is overlooked by the reviewers. The checklists ensure that the requirements reflect users' needs and provide groundwork for design.The requirements document should be formulated and organized according to the standards of the organization.The organizational knowledge is used to estimate the realism of the requirements of the system.You'll have time at your desk to flush those drawings out into written requirements later.Interaction Context Diagram Activity Diagram Entity Relationship Diagram State Transition Diagram An interaction Context Diagram is a graphical representation depicting the interactions that occur between actors (end users and other systems) and the target system.

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The lists of problems indicate the problems encountered in the" requirements document of the requirements validation process.

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