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She is almost always cold and distant to new people she meets, but she’ll warm up to those who she feels understand her.

Nikki spends her free time at home playing video games, browsing the web, reading comics, updating her blog and getting involved in conspiracy theories.

She’s very trusting and submissive; making her a pushover.

She’s an approval seeker and feels the need for people to like her.

In addition to being the head cheerleader for her school, she’s involved in several other extracurricular activities.

She’s kind to others and cares about the people close to her.

Audrey has no real sense of loyalty or commitment and is only looking to have as much fun as possible.

Being a flight attendant, Lola tends not to be in one place for too long.

Tiffany does not get along with her mother Jessie and tries to stay away from her mother’s lifestyle.Michaels Dharker Studio Tsuki Ware Uzumeya Muzintou paleontology Hunie Pop is a unique RPG experience for PC, Mac and Linux.It's a gameplay first approach that's part dating sim, part puzzle game, with RPG-like systems and a visual novel style presentation.She will be assigned to your case and after helping you get started on your quest she will hang around to offer advice.Though she is very old by human standards she is quite young in fairy years.

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